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Please all patients wishing to visit the Sports Medicine Office to pre-register the indicated contact for contacts from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 19.00. Patients can only be taken after a pre-agreed day and a specific time. To make an appointment outside the specified opening hours, please use the contact phone. If you are unable to visit the office from Monday to Friday, it is possible, after a preliminary arrangement, to be on a Saturday or Sunday.

Please keep the exact reception time. To cancel a prepaid appointment, please call the phone at least 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to visit the office on the day of the agreed time, please call the phone for this.

Please, during the stay in the waiting room, review and carry out manipulations and procedures in the office, patients should not use their mobile phones. Smoking in the building is absolutely forbidden.

Reaching the Perla complex in the complex “Zornitsa” please do not go through his barrier. The Incoming Bg travel agency is on the right before it. Continue on the sidewalk. On the right will be the tennis court of the sports complex Kamenica Arena. After the agency there is a shop for interior design and furniture. Follows the garage automatic door of the building. The third door behind the garage is the entrance to the ground floor, at the bottom of the corridor and to the left is the office.

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гр. Бургас, п.к. 8018
ж.к. “Зорница”, VIP комплекс Перла бл.2, вход 1, партер
+359 877 325 461
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Понеделник – Петък
08:00 – 19:00

Вече имате и удобството да направите своята медицинска консултация използвайки Skype за връзка от която и част на света да сте. За да се осъществи консултацията е нужно да се договори предварително взаимно удобно време и да се заплати предварително сумата от 45.00 лв.