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Project Description


Imagine a life without pain without acute pain very recently, and without chronic pain for a long time.

Is this possible? Yes, it is with this type of therapy.

safe and effective pain relief

without drugs

without surgery


without causing pain

without side effects

available for each therapy

without disturbing your daily rhythm

Laser therapy is part of the medicine of the future. This is one of the most modern and most modern treatments in sports medicine.

The word laser originates from the abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Albert Einstein also has a merit for the development of the laser theory. In his relativity theory published in 1916, the stimulus emission was first mentioned. Other very important steps in laser upgrading have been made by Arthur Shawlow, Charles Townes and Theodor Maiman. Maiman was the one who introduced the first working laser on July 7. 1960 In 1967, the Hungarian professor Endre Mester in Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary wants to know if the laser causes cancer. He used two groups of mice to try and, surprisingly, found that the fur-treated mice grew much faster. This is the bio stimulating effect of the laser.

When can laser therapy be used?

acute and chronic pain

neck, back, and back pain

diseases of the musculoskeletal system – arthritis of the joints of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, waist, hip, knee, ankle

osteoarthritis of ankle, knee (gonarthrosis), hip (coxarthrosis), spine (spondylarthrosis), throat (sprain, cervicoarthrosis)

frozen shoulder

plantar fasciitis

carpal tunnel syndrome

rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis

disc herniation, protrusion of the intervertebral disc

inflammatory bowel disease-tendinagitis, infections, inflammation of the Achilles tendon

epicondylites of the joint


conditions after arthroscopy of ankle, knee, shoulder, shoulder joint

after fracture of the bones

all sports injuries

muscle growth and tearing

spasms of the muscles on the neck, back, cross, limbs

traumas of the spine


post operative scarring (occurring in surgical interventions in gynecology, surgery, orthopedics) – removes adhesions under scarring

poor wounds, decubitus, varicose wounds in the lower leg, post-operative wounds

swelling of lymphatic origin on the lower and upper limbs (after surgery for breast carcinoma)

diabetic foot sores

neurological diseases-neuritis, plexitis, radiculitis, polyneuropathies

reducing stress


neuralgia of the tricuspid nerve

What does the patient feel during therapy?

without pain

without unpleasant sensations

without irritating the body


Effects of laser therapy application

increases the cellular energy level

removes the pain

increases joint mobility

eliminates stiffness in the joints

speeds up cure of cells and tissues

accelerates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to damaged cells and tissues

speeds up tissue regeneration processes

reduces inflammation

increases metabolic activity of tissues

reduces fibrous changes

increases nerve conduction

speeds up wound healing

stimulates the production of collagen

Who can apply laser therapy?

Lasers used in medicine must be used only by qualified physicians.

Laser therapy is used with tremendous success by world elite racers of various types of sports in Premier Division Soccer Teams, Olympic Teams, Formula 1, Rugby and Cricket Teams and in Specialized Pain Relief Clinics in the UK, Europe and other continents.

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